Four-wheel drive, a turbocharged engine, five cylinders: Audi's S2 Coupe is a fast companion for lovers of understatement. The nearly 250 km/h fast S2 is the hero of the left lane. It is not afraid of tight highway curves and regardless of load level it impresses with unprecedented stability. With 230 hp at its disposal as standard, a tapping of the gas pedal causes the occupants to be pressed heavily into the Recaro seats. The sound of the external wastegate emitting a pleasant "woosh" and the wonderful sound of the turbo blowing in additional air are a delight. Our example has been completely renovated and is in absolute top condition from inside to outside. Technically everything has been addressed there is therefore nothing to expect. An absolute opportunity for the enthusiast or collector to acquire an extremely rare top specimen.


TypeS2 ABY Quattro B3 coupe
Year built1993
Number of doors2
ColorLY7T Crystal silver
Chassis numberWAUZZZ8BZPA001947