If you are a big enough car enthusiast and more than just a regular sports car fan, you will realize that there is much more to fun cars. Kicking the full pedal on a straight is satisfying for a while, but this is not the ultimate among "fun" cars, at least as far as our interpretation of "fun" is concerned!

A really fast car can do 0-100 km/h these days 3 seconds or less, which is barely a blink and a breath, and we'd rather our fun last much longer than that... As rally legend Colin McRae once said, "Straight roads are for fast cars, curves are for fast drivers" there's nothing that separates the wheat from the oversized crossover chaff with a trillion horsepower under the hood when you dive into the first corner.

Hot-hatchbacks like the JCW GP are in a niche unto themselves. Compared to the GP3, the GP2 looks positively small, with few visual cues to point you to its performance features. A discreet roof spoiler, GP-unique four-spoke 17-inch alloy wheels and striking Thunder Grey Metallic body color with punchy red accents help set the GP.2 apart from the MINI herd. We belong to a generation that values substance more than style, and there's certainly plenty of goodies under the GP.2's skin, such as the six-pot brakes, modified chassis and re-tuned suspension, complete with inverted shock absorbers for even more precise performance. handle finesse.

Our copy is original Dutch delivered. The previous owner invested another over €10,000 to make the car even more perfect than it already is. Absolutely 1 molded and a sublime driver's car.


TypeMini R56 JCW GP2
Year built2013
Number of doors2
Chassis numberWMWSU910X0T716710