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Z4M Coupé

Rated 5 out of 5
15 May 2017

I found a nice BMW Z4M coupé on the Internet at Robin's and came from Belgium to have a look. The car was in a super good condition, shining like a mirror and it was already waiting for us in the inner parking lot when we arrived. And after a short test drive the deal was quickly done! Robin delivered a super service by bringing the car to Belgium which was ideal for me. I have now made the first trips with this car and am extremely satisfied with Auto Arp and the car! Keep up the good work! Stef

Stefan Beckers

BMW 330i Touring

Rated 5 out of 5
13 May 2017

When Robin had a BMW 330i Touring from 2000 with 44,000 KM I was immediately interested. I looked at the car and was immediately impressed by its beautiful condition. What I really appreciate, next to the car itself, is the fact that for Robin it is always a priority to satisfy the customer. I also had my car treated with a glass coating because I know that care will be taken. I know for sure that my next car will be bought at Auto Arp again, and I can absolutely recommend them!

Giovanni Camporelli

BMW E46 330i Touring

Rated 5 out of 5
30 March 2017

Looking for a successor, I found AutoArp. Car as described and correctly delivered according to agreement and service. Robin, thanks and good luck with your company and the beautiful cars you have in your assortment.


BMW 520D F11 Touring

Rated 5 out of 5
28 February 2017

BMW F11 2.0d Touring BJ 2012 Through a good acquaintance Robin of Auto Arp ended up with my wish for a BMW F11 Touring Preferably with 525d engine, M package, a Panorama roof and Sport comfort seats was a Pre. In the end it became an Anthracite dark grey with light beige interior, including Pano roof, Sport comfort seats, a very smooth 2.0d with Sport/comfort 8 speed automatic in High Executive Full Options. Take a look for a nice photo report on FB from Auto Arp. The next car will definitely be imported again by Auto Arp. Robin thanks for the good care

Bernard Flohr

E46 M3 Le Mans Blau

Rated 5 out of 5
5 January 2017

I have watched all M3 E46 Models from Robin for 1 year (on mobile.de). Alle Autos waren im hervorragenden Zustand, hatten niedrige Kilometer und eine super Historie. Nach einem Jahr habe ich einen M3 E46 in Le Mans Blau entdeckt. Dieser hatte zimtfarbenes Leder und 19 Zoll Felgen. I was able to see this car on the Hebebühne at BMW Breeman. The car was also completely checked by BMW Breeman. After the purchase, Robin personally delivered the car to southern Germany and everything went smoothly and according to plan. Seit 9. July 2016 bin ich glücklicher Besitzer eines M3 E46. Bei Robin würde ich immer wieder ein Auto kaufen. Danke!

Viktor Leather

BMW E46 M3

Rated 5 out of 5
3 January 2017

Through a car site I found Robin during the long search for an E46 M3. He had a beautiful and honest example, low mileage, original paint, full option and the right colour combination of Carbon-Schwarz and Nappa Zimmt leather. After a test drive and purchase inspection the car was sold and starting the S54 every time brings a huge smile! Thanks Robin!

Wouter Blom